What is the Great Reset Plan?

The post explains “What is the Great Reset Plan? What are the different conspiracy theories about the Great Reset Plan? Understanding the Great Reset Plan of World Economic Forum (WEF).”

What is the Great Reset Plan?

The sudden outbreak of the COVID – 19 Pandemic and the successive lockdowns not only destroyed the social and political system of the world but also severely damaged the world economy. In 2020 alone global gross domestic product declined by 6.7 percent as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Similarly lots of people either lost their jobs or businesses. As a result, 131 million more people globally were classified as poor.

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To overcome all these challenges and put the world economy on stable track, the World Economic Forum (WEF) came up with a plan, which they called the Great Reset Plan. The plan was put before the world in June 2020, with a video featuring the then Prince of Wales Charles released to mark its launch. The Great Reset Plan aim is to facilitate the rebuilding of world economy from the global COVID-19 crisis in a way which prioritizes sustainable development.

The Great Reset Plan Priorities

the great reset plan priorities
  • No. 1: a new social contract that fosters social inclusion,
  • No. 2: a decarbonization of the economy to fight global warming,
  • No. 3: an intensification of the Fourth Industrial Revolution based on digitalization,
  • No. 4: a shift from “short-term” shareholder capitalism to “longer-term” stakeholder capitalism,
  • No. 5: a closer global cooperation on key issues.

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What are the different conspiracy theories about the Great Reset Plan?

The phrase started trending on Twitter on 15th November when a video went viral showing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at a UN meeting in September, saying the pandemic provided an opportunity for a “reset”. It’s however unclear whether he was referring to the WEF plan.

what is the great reset plan

According to BBC the lack of clarity, combined with the plan being launched by an influential organization, provided fertile ground for conspiracy theories to grow. Some of major conspiracy theories about the Great Reset Plan are given below.

The Great Reset Plan is actually the global elite’s plan to dominate the world and install their own political system.

Another conspiracy theory about the Great Reset Plan is, the plan is designed to solve the overpopulation problem with Coronavirus Pandemic. According to the theory, the global elites have planned of killing millions of people through the pandemic and the remaining vaccinated population will be their mercy. The vaccination will destroy their immunity system and they will be puppet in their hands.

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A strong, more alarming and more convincing conspiracy theory about the Great Reset Plan is the Corporate Takeover of the global governance. Today corporations focuses solely on serving shareholders but under the Great Reset Plan a multi-stakeholder model of global governance will be implemented in which corporation will be official stakeholders in global decision-making, while governments are relegated to being one of many stakeholders.

The theory also claims that the plan from which the Great Reset originated was called the Global Redesign Initiative. Drafted by the World Economic Forum (WEF) after the 2008 economic crisis, the initiative contains a 600-page report on transforming global governance. Governments would be just one stakeholder in a multi-stakeholder model of global governance. 

What is The Reality?

No one knows for sure the secret agenda behind the Great Reset Plan of World Economic Forum (WEF), however here are some of the facts that no one can denies.

pandemic billionaires

According to OXFAM report the COVID – 19 pandemic has created 40 new billionaires in the world. The most interesting fact is all these billionaires are related somehow to Pharmaceutical businesses.

The same report also claims that billionaire wealth has increased to staggering levels amid the COVID – 19 pandemic with a new billionaire being created every 30 hours over the past two years.

According to CNN report billionaires have seen an increase of 3.8 trillion dollars in their total net worth. In other words they have seen an increase of 42% by $3.8 trillion to $12.7 trillion during the pandemic.


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