Should Not The Members Of Parliament Be Truthful And Trustful?

This post will help you to know “Why should the members of parliament be truthful and trustful? “Truthful and trustworthiness of members of majlis e shura of Pakistan”. Should not the members of parliament be truthful and trustful?”

Should Not The Members Of Parliament Be Truthful And Trustful?

‘‘Corrupt citizens breed corrupt rulers, and it is the mob who finally decides when virtue shall die.’’ Taylor Caldwell

A parliament of any country or state is the most honourable institution, containing public representatives that are elected by the people of the country from different parts of the state. In a parliament, important decisions about the fate of the state and citizens are taken. Being the representatives of the people, rulers by all principles of morality and international law are bound to presents the views of the people of their respective areas and demand for them maximum rights in the country. A ruler would do this only if he/she has no personal motives in the rule and if he/she is truthful in his/her sayings and deeds. These characteristics demanded that he should be Sadiq and Ameen in his actions.

For a political leader, his truthfulness and trustworthiness should be as important as other requisites that made him or her eligible for running the campaign because only a faithful person can be loyal with his people and country. The members of parliament (Majlis-e-Shura) of Pakistan should be Sadiq and Ameen because only then they would be in a better position to serve the country. There are many reasons why a parliamentarian should be truthful and trustworthy. Some of them have been discussed below.

Why Members Of Parliament Should Be Sadiq And Ameen?

Being the leader of a group or a fiction of people, the trustworthiness and truthfulness affect the society at large. If a leader has stainless character and record, only then he can serve his country and nation in best way. According to public view, the truthfulness and trustworthiness strengthens the following practices in the country.

(A) Builds Trust Of People

Being truthful with his people, a political leader puts everything before his public and hides nothing. This removes the element of mistrust between public and leaders and creates an environment of confidence and belief.

(B) Sense Of Responsibility

If leaders are truthful and trustful, they care more about their duties and responsibilities. The element of truthfulness and trustworthiness creates in them the sense of accountability for their deeds. This characteristic instil in leaders the idea that ‘‘rule is a trust of God’’ with him and he will be asked for all his actions using this position.

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(C)  National Interests Surpass Personal

For a truthful and trustworthy leader, national interests surpasses than personal interests. This is because he knows that people have put their trust in him to carry their national decisions in the better interest of the people. This thought makes him scrupulous by nature and he tried his utmost to avoid or even sacrifice his personal interests for national interests.

(D) Character Design

Since truthfulness and trustworthiness are the basic values of a high moral character, leaders with such characteristics are courageous and straight forward in their views and dealings. These characters also led a leader to take such actions, despite of the strong opposition of those unworthy leaders who are always after their personal interests, that are beneficial for the society in long terms.

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(E) Accountability Of Others

Being fair and faithful, the leader of such qualities does not hesitate to carry the accountability of his fellow colleagues as he has nothing to hide and he has never deceived public, so he knew that no one can harm him in any way. This in general strengthens the practice of accountability in the country.

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