Mexico City Women’s Conference 1975 – First Conference

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Mexico City Women’s Conference 1975

To internationally recognize women’s issues and take some steps for their solution United Nations Organization convened the first world conference on women at Mexico City in 1975. The conference proved successful as it led to the convention of three more conferences on women in the last quarter of twentieth century.

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First World Conference on Women – Important Points

Mexico City Women’s Conference 1975

Some of the main points of Mexico City women conference are given below.

Women’s Discrimination – A Persistent Problem: The conference was convened in 1975, the year which was globally recognized as International Women’s Year. This in a way was meant to draw special attention of the world towards discrimination against women which is a persistent problem in much parts of the world.

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United Nations Decade For Women: Five months after the conference, United Nations Organization (UNO) proclaimed 1976-1985 the United Nations Decade for Women. This was a major achievement of feminists as it opened worldwide a dialogue on gender equality. It also initiated “a process of learning” that would involve deliberation, negotiation, setting objectives, identifying obstacles and reviewing the progress made (this line is taken from Khalid Nawaz Aarbi book).

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Objectives Of United Nations: United Nations General Assembly identified three objectives which were declared as the basis of United Nations work for the advancement of women within next ten years. Objectives were;

  • Work for full gender equality and elimination of gender discrimination.
  • To ensure full participation and integration of women in development.
  • Steps to be taken to promote women’s participation in the strengthening of world peace.

First World Plan of Action: The conference adopted a document, known as First World Plan of Action that contained guidelines for governments, social welfare organizations and international community to follow for the next ten years in pursuit of the three objectives set by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

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First Five Years Targets Of The Plan Of Action: Minimum targets set by the First World Plan of Action for the next five years (1975 to 1980) included full focus on securing equal access for women to nutrition, health services, education, employment opportunities and political participation. The plan also called upon international governments to take every step to ensure equal participation of women in society.

Establishment Of INSTRAW And UNIFEM: Mexico City Women Conference led to development of United Nations International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women (INSTRAW) and the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM).


Mexico City Women Conference 1975 is a mile stone in work for the development and advancement of women. In the successful convention of the Conference women played an important role. Out of 133 member states’ delegations, 113 were headed by women. An NGO forum with the name of International Women’s Year Tribune was also established by the participant women that attracted more than 4000 members.  

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