Beijing Conference 1995

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Beijing Conference 1995

Fourth World Conference on women was held in Beijing, China in 1995 (ten years after Nairobi Conference on Women’s). The Conference took some very important steps for the development and advancement of women which are given below.

Mexico City Women’s Conference 1975

Fourth World Women’s Conference Important Points

Shift Focus From Women To Gender: In the conference it was decided that focus should be shifted from women to the concept of gender by re-evaluating the structure of society and all relations between men and women within it.

Gender Equality – A Universal Issue: This change in the concept and working of the Conference was aimed at reaffirming that women’s rights were human rights and that gender issue was a universal issue, benefiting all.

Copenhagen Conference 1980

Beijing Conference Declaration – Gender Equality

beijing conference 1995

At the end of UN Fourth World Conference on women, a resolution was adopted by UN (United Nations) that aimed at promulgating a set of principles regarding women’s issues and men and women equality. This is known as Beijing Declaration. In the Declaration the member states reaffirmed their determination to work for the equality, advancement and peace for all women everywhere in the world.

Nairobi Women’s Conference 1985

Beijing Platform For Action

The Conference also adopted Beijing Platform for Action which in its essence was an agenda for the development and advancement of women in the twenty first century. The Beijing Platform for Action identified twelve critical areas of concern by defining them as major obstacles in women’s development and which need concrete steps for their solution. These critical areas of concern are given below.

Gender Studies MCQs Quiz Online

  1. Women and poverty
  2. Education and training of women
  3. Women and health
  4. Violence against women
  5. Women and armed conflict
  6. Women and the economy
  7. Women in power and decision making
  8. Institutional mechanism for the advancement of women
  9. Human rights of women
  10. Women and the media
  11. Women and the environment
  12. The girl child 

The Beijing Platform for Action bind all governments to consider all gender dimensions before making any policy, decision and plan.


UN Fourth World Conference on Women also known as Beijing Conference 1995 was a major success of both UN and feminists both in its size and its outcome. The Conference reshaped strategy for the development and advancement of women. 

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