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The article discusses “Third wave of feminism. Grrl Feminism. New Feminism. 3rd Wave Of Feminsm.”

Third Wave Of Feminism

Common term for Third Wave Feminism in United States of America (USA) is “Grrl Feminism” and in Europe it is known as “New Feminism”. The third wave feminists used the term ‘girl’ in a bid to attract another generation.

Who Started The Third Wave Of Feminism?

third wave of feminism


Generally it is believed that two things, Anita Hill case and the emergence of ‘grrl group’ in music industry in USA laid the foundation of new feminism. In 1991, Anita Hill accused Clarence Thomas, USA Supreme Court nominee of that time for sexual harassment during her working hour and testified it before Senate Judiciary Committee. The United States Congress despite Anita Hill accusation sent Thomas to Supreme Court which infuriated general public particularly feminist to a greater extent. 

First Wave Of Feminsm

Third Wave Feminism Goals

Third Wave of Feminsm aimed at highlighting women issues such as;

  • Violence Against Women
  • Trafficking
  • Body surgery
  • Self mutilation and
  • The overall pornofication of media

The movement severely criticized sexiest nature of language and the use of inappropriate derogatory terms for girls and women. It also invented new self celebrating terms and form of communication.

Second Wave Of Feminsm

End Of Third Wave Feminism

It is not known for sure whether the third wave has ended or still continue. Like second wave, third wave of feminsm is also not one but many and is tied up with the effects of globalization and complex redistribution.

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