The Need Of Women In Politics

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The Need Of Women In Politics

Over the past 100 years, since women have granted the right to vote in elections, the role and importance of women in general elections and politics since then have increased globally. During these years, women successfully played an important role in politics and revealed the need and importance of women’s role in the political system of a country.

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Importance Of Women’s Political Participation

The Need Of Women In Politics

The role of women in politics can be summarized under two headings, that is; women’s role as a political worker and women’s role as a political leader.

Women’s Role As A Political Worker

As a political worker women have been observed playing a distinguish role from that of men workers. Some of these roles are;


As compared to men, women have been found more industrious and hard working in political activities. In many third world countries, despite of having many hurdles, female political workers have been observed working side by side of men.

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Due to the peaceful nature of women, in strikes and protests female political workers in comparison to men workers have been found less violent and aggressive. Whereas men workers during strikes at some point of time became violent and began the destruction of infrastructure, female workers always remained peaceful and conflict-free.

Sincere And Committed

Another very important characteristic of female political workers is that they always remained sincere and committed with their work and their role in the party’s politics.

Follow Party’s Rules

As compared to men political workers, female political workers follow party rules more strictly than men. It has been observed that male political workers often breach party’s rules for their own objectives but such incidence occurs very rarely on the part of female political workers.

Women’s Role As A Political Leader

As a political leader, women due to their distinguished characteristics can play more effective role for the welfare of the state and the world as a whole. Most of these leadership qualities of women are those that are innate. Some distinguished political characteristics women are;

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Nurturing Quality

The God gifted nurturing quality of woman made her an ideal political leader for a nation as compared to men political leaders. Being the head of state the nurturing quality of woman compel her to sincerely work for the welfare of her nation. It is due to this characteristic that while holding an authoritative position women political leaders have been found less involved in corruption and other self-serving activities as compared to men.

Work For Women’s Rights

While holding a powerful position in the society only a female political leader can play an effective role for the welfare and protection of women rights. Being a woman, only she can imagine and understand the real problems faced by women in the society.

Gender Based Violence And Its Kinds

Work For Lasting Peace

As compared to male, female political workers and leaders can work more properly for enhancing the chances of long lasting global peace and prosperity. This is due to the innate leaning of women towards love and peace.

Focus On Health And Education

Being the most common victim of illiteracy and poor health conditions, a female political leader as compared to a male, can work more actively for the development of these sectors throughout the country.

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