The Impacts Of Global Political Economy On Women Lives CSS Notes

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The Impacts Of Global Political Economy On Women Lives

Whereas globalization has affected in many ways both the performance of states and its citizens, it has also affected the lives of women both in developed and developing countries. Over the past few decades, the increasing importance of political economy has changed the lives of women in many ways. Those economic policies of the government which affects both the lives of its people and the economy of the state, either directly or indirectly can be called as political economy.

Globalization And Gender

Effects Of Global Political Economy On Women’s Life

The Impacts Of Global Political Economy On Women Lives

Some important impacts of the global political economy on the lives of women that have been observed over the past few years are as under.

Gender Based Violence And Its Types

Exploitation Of Women

Women are often paid less salary than men for the same category of job by different transnational corporations while usually double work and energy is demanded from them in return. Similarly women also have to face many challenges in getting a job.

Allocations Of Limited Number Of Seats For Women

In many Third World countries the quota system for the selections of candidates to different public and private posts is another form of the exploitation of women rights under the new global political economic system. . Similarly unlike men workers, female workers in many organizations have no rights of forming any union or group that could work for their rights in the organization.

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Low Pay Jobs

Women are also offered only low pay jobs such as the post of secretary, office assistant and the clerk jobs, in both public and private sectors. This attitude of many transnational corporations in some Third World countries has led to the strengthening of the concept of men-women superiority and inferiority idea.

Income Gap Between Men And Women

Global Political Economy has also raised income gap between men and women in society. One of the main reasons behind this rise in income gap is the payment of low salary to women. Due to this reason, many divorced and widowed women in western countries often have to face many challenges to raise and educate their children.

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Effects On Education And Health

For Structural Adjustment Policies (SAPs) most of the poor and developing countries have to take loan from international organizations such as International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank. To pay back loan these countries then have to reduced investment in the sector of education and health which affect women’s live in many waves such as a rise in women illiteracy and maternal mortality rate.

Gender Critique Of Structural Adjustment Policies

Sexual Harassment

It has also been observed that in most of the international organizations, jobs are offered to only those women who are ready to make compromise on their modesty and dignity. Similarly women are offered jobs usually not on their talent and skills but on their body figures which is also a form of exploitation and sexual harassment.

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Women Trafficking

An increase of the women and girls trafficking especially from developing and poor countries to developed countries for sexual exploitation has also been observed over the past few decades.

Poor Working Conditions

In most of the third world countries, women are usually forced to do work in an extremely hazardous environment plus no proper health care of them, while doing work, is taken by the organization.

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