Globalization And Gender CSS – 8 Powerful Impacts

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Globalization And Gender

Globalization means the social, political, economic and cultural integration of people across the globe due to the expansion of transnational economic production, migration, communication and technologies. In simple words it is the ever increasing process of interaction and integration among people of different nations and continents. For gender it has both positive and negative effects.

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Impacts Of Globalizations on Gender

globalization and gender

Some of the positive impacts of globalization on gender have been discussed in below paragraphs.

Advocates Gender Equality: In a globally integrated world gender inequality is more costly to a state because it hijacked state’s ability to grow and develop. In today’s world societal development is only possible through equally shared opportunities of growth and development between men and women.

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Joint Steps Against Gender Discrimination: Today states are more bound than ever before to take both collective and individual steps against gender discrimination. In this regard the role and pressure of international organizations that pushes states to ratify treaties against discrimination is worth mentioning.

Equal Employment Opportunities And Fair Wage Rate: Women in twenty first century are enjoying comparatively more equal employment opportunities, fairer wage rate and good working condition than before.

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Globalization and Women:

Globalization is shifting women’s roles and norms worldwide. Today women are not bound to stereotype gender behavior and role. They are playing more active and variant role in society and in its development than before.

Impacts on Gender Relations: Globalization has also affected gender relations in society. Today women being more economically independent can freely exercise their rights and seek their dreams. 

The disadvantages of globalization for gender are more prominent in developing nation s than developed ones. Some of the negative impacts of globalization on gender are given below.

Increase Income Disparity: Whereas globalization has provided more employment and development opportunities for women it also has created income disparity in society. Employment and economic development opportunities for men have increased by double the size than for women. This has created an economic dependency of women in different forms.

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Illegal Trafficking And Growth Of Sex Slave Market: Globalization has increased illegal trafficking of people specifically of women’s across the globe particularly from third world countries to the developed ones. The women trafficked illegally are used mostly for prostitution purposes.

Human Rights Violation: Though on one side globalization has increased employment opportunities for women across the globe but on the other hand an increase in Human rights violations of maids has also been observed. Women’s often faces the same problem in industry and offices too.


Globalization has no doubt generated many opportunities for women but it also has created many problems for them too. Women would only be able to enjoy the fruit of globalization when the newly generated problems are resolved.

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