Development Feminism – Theory Of Feminism CSS

This post will help you to understand “Development feminism. Feminsm and development theory. The feminist perspective on development. Feminist approaches to community development. Gender Reforms.”

Development Feminism – Theory Of Feminism

Development Feminism is another form of Gender Reforms Feminism. This kind of feminism aims at highlighting women issues in post-colonial industrially developing countries. A detail note on this form of feminism is available in the given paragraphs.

Masculinities And Feminism

Development Feminists held colonialism responsible for gender based division of labour force in developing countries. It argued that colonialism due to its main focus on the production of cash-crops undermined the importance and role of women in   food production.

development feminism

Radical Feminism

Development Feminism also argues that the status of women in a society depends upon the importance of her role in food production. If the food the women produces is the main way the group fed the women will have power and prestige in society, otherwise not. 

Liberal Feminism

Development Feminism held industrialization responsible for unequal status of women in different societies. In some societies women are enjoying power and prestige while in some they are the most vulnerable human beings living at the mercy of men.

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In short Development Feminsm not only highlights women issues but also help them to get equal employment opportunities and equal pay for the same scale of job in different societies.   

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