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Marxist Feminism CSS

marxist feminism

Some of the important points of Marxist Feminism are given below.

  • Marxist Feminism discuss women issues on the basis of class division of society
  • It shows the influence of philosophies of Karl Marx and Engels in their concepts related to women issues
  • The basic reasons of women issues in society as per Marxst Feminsm are unequal division of wealth, class division of society and capitalist form of economy
  • According to Marxst Feminism, Capitalism is the main cause of women’s oppression in society. It has increased women’s economic dependence on men.
  • Marxst Feminism reject the idea of abstract individualism presented by Liberal Feminsm

Psychoanalytic Feminism

It was Marxist Femnism that for the first time highlighted
housewives’ contribution in Capitalist form of economy. How capitalist system exploit women role in society and economy, Marxst Feminism presents the following two examples.

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According to Marxist Feminism housewives unpaid work at homes not only enabled men to go to work free of tension but they also reproduces the next generation of bosses and workers. Despite of such an important contribution women did not receive any remuneration for their services under capitalist system.

Similarly if a woman works outside, she still is expected to fulfill her domestic duties which double the burden of work on her.

Prescription Of Marxist Feminists

Solution presented by Marxist Feminism to all problems and issues of women is to replace the capitalist system in society with socialist. According to it as long as capitalist system exists, class and wealth division in society will remain and which will ultimately result in the violation women rights.

Development Feminism

Marxst Feminism is another kind of Gender Reform Feminsm. As the name indicates this idea of feminism is based primarily on the theory of socialism presented by Karl Marx and Engels. Details of this form of feminism have been given in below paragraphs.

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