Psychoanalytic Feminism CSS

The article discusses “Psychoanalytic Feminism. Psychoanalytical Feminism. Psychoanalytic feminist’s literary criticism.”

(Note: In some books it has been titled as Psychoanalytical Feminism)

Psychoanalytic Feminism CSS

psychoanalytic feminism

As the name suggests Psychoanalytic Feminism stresses on psyche of people and considered it the basis gender inequality. It says that women’s subjugation is the psychological need of men. It is based on Freud’s theory of personality development that is centered on Oedipus complex – detachment from the mother.  It has the following main points.

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Men’s Double Standard Behavior: Psychoanalytic Feminism believed that the main source of men’s domination of women is men’s unconsciousness need for women’s emotionality and rejection of them as potential castrators. Women submit to men because of their unconscious desires for emotional connectedness.

Radical Feminism

Oedipus Complex: Though infants irrespective of their sex are connected more closely with their mother than father but boys upon reaching a certain age are detached from mother in order to establish their masculinity.

Identity Generation: Boys and girls upon reaching a certain age are trained to establish their identity as being a man or boy and a woman or girl.

Ego Development: According to Psychoanalytical Feminism in our society boys are trained to develop strong ego boundaries and a capacity of independency, objectivity and rational thinking and behavior. Girls on the other hand are trained to develop fluid ego boundaries that make them sensitive, empathic and emotional. 

Marxist Feminism

How To Change The Common Psyche?

To change the common psyche of people and to break the cycle of the reproduction of gendered personality structures, Psychoanalytic Feminism suggests shared parenting and the development of nurturing capabilities in men.

Men’s Feminism


Psychoanalytic Feminism held common psyche of people responsible for gender inequality and all gender related issues. According to Psychoanalytic Feminists the chain of psyche can be broken only by encouraging shared parenting in our society.

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