Men’s Feminism CSS 2019

The article discusses “Men’s feminism. Mens feminism CSS. Gender Studies Notes CSS. Feminist theories.”

Men’s Feminism CSS

Men’s Feminism is a feminist theory that argues that gender is a socially constructed division of men and women and we cannot held one specific gender – men – responsible for it. In some parts our society most men are facing the same problems as women do. It is therefore system should be held responsible and not men or women.

Men’s Feminism Theory

Men's Feminism

It has the following main points.

Radical Feminism

Object Of Analysis: According to Men’s Feminism the object of analysis should not be masculinity or femininity but their oppositional relationship that exists in our society. In line with the theory the whole problem of gender inequality revolves around haves and have not, dominance and subordination and advantage and disadvantage. We should therefore not study masculinity or femininity but their oppositional relationship in society.  


Elements Responsible For Gender Inequality: Men’s Feminism considered military, sports, fraternity groups and other similar arenas where manliness is fostered, responsible for encouraging physical and sexual violence and hatred towards women. These elements keep men at a distance from their parents and own children and cool towards women in their lives.

Liberal Feminism

Role Of Men’s Movements And Religious Organization: Some men’s feminists severely criticizes men’s movements and religious organization. According to them these movements focuses only changing individual attitude without changing structural conditions of gender inequality and power differences among men. 

Gender Inequality in Western Societies: As per the theory in west the main source of gender inequality is the division of society into different economic classes. Similarly another reason is men’s unfair struggle to keep leading position in their hand in whatever arena they find themselves and keep women out of competition as much as possible.


Men’s Feminism in its analysis of gender inequality seems influenced by social construction, multi ethnic, psychoanalytic and development feminism and gay studies. It put an effort to bring men into the scope of study of gender but could not offer new theoretical perspective.

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