Liberal Feminism; Origin, Goal, Criticism And Famous Feminists CSS

This post will help you to understand “liberal feminism theory, its origin and famous feminists. Goal Of liberal feminists and criticism on the theory. What is liberal feminsm?”

Liberal Feminism; Origin, Goal, Criticism And Famous Feminists

To explain the concept of sex and gender and to highlight various gender inequalities problems and present solution for them, different feminist theories have been developed by different feminist groups. One such feminist theory is Liberal Feminism.

liberal feminism

Marxist Feminism

Origin Of Liberal Feminism

The roots of liberal feminism can be traced back to 1800 and 1900 liberal thoughts. Liberal thoughts of that time encouraged some feminists to come forward and speak for equal rights of women in society and demand to put an end to men’s cruelty against women. 

What is Liberal Feminism?

Liberal Feminism does not believe in men and women differentiation. They argued that both men and women are human beings and therefore their common humanity supersedes their procreative differentiation.  They claims that gender differences have no connection with biological makeup of a person and therefore they should be ignored.

Radical Feminism

Based on their concept of similarity, liberal feminists argued that both men and women should be treated equally. To ensure gender equality in society, liberal feminists demanded that both men and women should be appointed to cross gender work positions in work places. For example appointment of men to posts such as teaching, nursing and secretary while women to posts such as engineer and police etc.  

Famous Liberal Feminists

Some of the famous liberal feminists include Mary Wollstonecraft (1757-97), Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815-1902), John Stuart Mill (1806-73), Betty Friedan, Rebecca Walker and Naomi Wolf.

Goal Of Liberal Feminists

The ultimate goal of libral feminism is freeing women from oppressive gender roles and sexual and gender inequalities. It also aims at advancing women in social, political and economic spheres of life. 

Criticism On Liberal Feminism

 One of the biggest criticisms on liberal feminsm is its acceptance of male values as universal. In their analysis, most of the time liberal feminists have presented their views by keeping men values as a standard. 

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