The Effects Of Gender Discrimination CSS

The post will help you to know about “The effects of gender discrimination on development. The negative effects of gender inequality in society. Psychological effects of gender discrimination. What are the effects of gender discrimination on development. The effects of gender discrimination on development.

The Effects Of Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination has severe effects both for the economy and society. It freezes the social, political and economic growth of the society.

Effects Of Gender Inequality

effects of gender discrimination

Some major effects of gender discrimination pointed out by various feminists have been discussed in detail in below paragraphs.

Exploitation Of Women Rights

In the name of inferiority, superiority idea, on the basis of gender discrimination, many rights of women are exploited every day. Some of these rights are those that every person possesses by birth and no state or person has any authority to seize and exploit them. Yet in many areas of the world, such rights of women are exploited each day merely due to the existence of gender discrimination in the society.

Effects Of Gender Based Violence

Unstable Society

Societies with gender inequality in practice have been proved usually more unstable and more violent by nature. Actually this inhuman idea devastates social fabrics as well as the peace of every individual and the society. Thus the people of such society usually have weak moral values and which become the basis of regular conflicts in the society.

High Illiteracy

One of the major reasons of high illiteracy rate especially in third world countries is gender discrimination. In such societies, female education is considered as worthless and therefore most of the girls stay at home and are not allowed to go to school.

Difference Between Gender And Women’s Studies

Economic Problems

Women make half of the population of every society. Due to gender discrimination, in many societies women are not allowed to go outside and work. There many reasons behind this tradition but the two most common reasons are women’s insecurity to work in the male dominated society and two, it is considered against the principles of manliness to let the women work and earn money while the husband stay at home. The immediate effect of this practice is the existence of severe economic burden on the shoulders of males in the family. Such a high percentage of economically dependent population also proves a hurdle in the pace of economic development of the state

Psychological Effects

The gender based discrimination has also psychological effects for its victims. Normally women living under such condition suffer from inferiority complex. Similarly their personality also did not develop properly and they face many problems while talking and meeting people in any public gathering.

Health Effects

Aside from psychological effects, gender discrimination has also negative health effects. Normally it has been observed that men in order to maintain their dominant role and status in the society often start beating women that usually results in both normal and fatal injuries of the victim. Not only this, but due to illiteracy most of the women even do not know how to deal a patient properly and what to do at the time of emergency.

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