The Effects Of Gender Based Violence CSS Notes

The post will help you to know about “The effects of gender based violence. The psychological effects of gender based violence and discrimination. The Effects Of Gender Based Violence. School and college students experiencing gender based discrimination. The Effects Of Gender Based Violence.

The Effects Of Gender Based Violence

The effects of Gender Based Violence (GBV) for women are severe. It destroys the victim personality and sometimes even become the basis of the development of many physical and mental diseases in women.

The Consequences Of Gender Based Violence

Some of the major impacts and consequences of the gender based violence, identified by various feminists are given below.

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Physical Effects

The victim of gender based violence often gets severe physical wounds at the hand of the perpetrator. The wound ranges from mere scratches on the victim’s body to fatal injuries such as the breaking of an arm or leg and the throwing of acid on victim’s face.  Such injuries often causes permanent disabilities in the sufferer.

Causes Of Gender Based Violence

Psychological Effects

Many psychological diseases such as depression, fearfulness, sleeplessness, low self-esteem and an increase in suicidal tendencies are some of the negative psychological effects of the regular physical torture of the victim.

General Health Effects

The general effects of the gender based violence on the victim’s health include drugs addiction, regular smoking, alcohol abuse and an acute weight loss. Similarly due to physical and psychological effects, many fatal diseases are developed within the body of the victim.

Effects On The Reproductive Health Conditions Of Women

Gender based violence often severely affects the reproductive health conditions of the women. The negative impacts of the gender based violence on the women’s reproductive conditions include sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy and its complications and low birth weight.

Gender Based Violence And Its Kinds

Effects On Behavior

The sufferer of gender based violence generally feels uneasiness at public gatherings and therefore preferred to stay alone. Similarly the victim also suffers from inferiority complex and generally behaved awkwardly. It has also been observed that generally those kids who have suffered any kind violence in their life often led them to gender based violence when they reached to adulthood.

Effects On Family Life

The gender based violence has severe effects not only for the victim but also for the other members of the family as well. It has been observed that generally those kids who have been raised in tense family environment often faces difficulty in communication with classmates and teachers and other elder members of the society. Similarly the aged members of the family also face many problems due to gender based violence in the home.

How To Prevent Gender Based Violence?

Economic Impacts

Women and girls make half of the human population. Their illiteracy and dependence on males for economic resources is one of the major hurdles in the eradication of poverty from the society.

Effects On Society And Nation

Gender based violence effect society in many ways. It drops attendance to minimum level at school and colleges which has severe effects both for the society and the nation. Similarly its negative effects on children’s psychology also paved the way for many crimes in the society.

Effects Gender Discrimination

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