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The elimination of gender based violence in general and violence against women in particular in a society is possible only through the support of the government. If the government of a state took some serious steps, its people will eventually work for the prevention of gender based violence.

Gender Equality A Popular Slogan

How To Prevent Gender Based Violence?

gender based violence

Some steps that should be taken both by the government and people for the prevention of violence against women are given below.

Development Of Laws

the government should set such rules and passed such laws that minimizes the chances of women’s exploitation in the society. Such laws may include rules for marriage, education, inheritance and work and employment.

Introduction Of Punishment

Proper system of courts that deals only with gender based violence cases and proper system of punishment for the perpetrator of gender based violence should be introduced.

Access To Education

Government should take some serious steps to make sure that education is in the access of every woman. Knowledge about both her rights and responsibilities is essential for every woman.

Economic Independence

The economic dependency of women on their male counter-part is one of the major reasons of gender based violence. The economic independence of women would decrease the chances of violence to a greater extent.

Effects Of Gender Based Violence

Awareness Of The Problem

General awareness of the public about the issue should be increased. In this regard United Nations program “Voices Against Violence” is of great importance.

Strengthening Prevention Efforts

Similarly the government needs to strengthen the prevention efforts for the elimination of gender based violence. Prevention efforts can be strengthen by the serious behavior of the state towards the eradication of this problem.

Educating Masses

The education of general public about their rights and responsibilities on human basis is also important in this regard.

Causes Of Gender Based Violence

Women Importance

Similarly by highlighting the role, responsibilities and importance of women in the society can also prove helpful in the prevention of violence against women.

Women’s Role In Economic Development

Women cover half the sky, which in other words mean that women makes half of the human population. Both the global and national economic development is possible only if they too play their role in the process of economic development. For this purpose, they need to work in the society and earn money for their services.

Political Role

For the prevention of gender based violence it is also important that women’s role both in the society and in politics should be encouraged. Their active participation in the politics will help in the elimination of violence against women in the society.

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