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Each year 8th March is globally celebrated as International Women’s Day. On this day every nation state revives her commitment to ensure equal justice, rights and opportunities to women in society. Women are globally facing many challenges in both developed and developing countries.

Status Of Women in Education in Pakistan

Women Rights Issue in Pakistan

women rights issues in pakistan

Pakistan being a developing country has many social, political and economic problems and so her female citizens are facing many challenges. Some of these challenges but not limited to are given below.

Gender Base Violence And Its Types

Lack Of Autonomy

Women in Pakistani society have no or very less right to say or decide anything about their lives. Most of the time decisions are taken by the male members of the society. This is mainly due to their dependency on other members of the family. This is the root cause of all problems related to women rights. If this problem is solved, hopefully all other issues will get solve itself.

Gender Biasedness

Women in Pakistan like all other women of the world daily face many problems mainly due to their gender. In our society male child is preferred by parents over female. Parents considered son as the source of assistance in their aged life while girl is considered as burden. Due to this reason baby girl in Pakistani society from day one start facing many challenges and human rights violations.

Status Of Women’s And Gender Studies In Pakistan

Sexual Harassment

This is another very critical problem that women not only in Pakistan but in every society of the world face. Either a woman is in office or at a public gathering she has to face the distinctive action and the use of seductive words by male members of the society. Over the past few years an increase in women’s sexual harassment cases in Pakistan has been observed.

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In Pakistan the illiteracy rate is more in female population as compared to men. There are many reasons of this problem some of which are the lack of interest of parents, unavailability of girls’ schools and social setup.

Status Of Women’s Health in Pakistan

Honor Killing

Honor killing is another very common form of human rights violation of women in Pakistan.  

Article 25 (2) of the 1973 constitution of Pakistan says that there shall be no discrimination in the country on the basis of sex.

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