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The article discusses “Gender And Development GAD. Articles about importance of gender role in development of a nation. Gender And Development GAD. Gender And Development GAD.

Gender And Development GAD

As the name indicates, Gender And Development (GAD) approach focuses primarily on gender rather on men or women in development. Launched by Socialist feminists in 1970’s GAD highlights the socially constructed basis of gender differences and challenges the existing order of gender roles and relations in society.

gender and development gad

Women In Development – WID

Gender And Development (GAD) approach focuses mainly on the social construction of men and women and their role and activities in society. It also focuses on gender division of labor force and gender as a relation of power embedded in institutions. GAD approach mainly stresses on the study of ‘Gender Roles’ and ‘Social Relations Analysis’.    

In the analysis of  ‘Gender Roles’ Gender And Development (GAD) approach highlights social construction of identities within household and expectations associated with them in access to resources being male and female.

Women And Development – WAD

In ‘Social Relations Analysis’ GAD exposes the social dimensions of hierarchical power relations embedded in social institutions and determining the influence of the relative position of men and women in society. According to GAD this relative position in society led to gender discrimination.

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Unlike Women In Development (WID) and Women And Development (WAD) approaches Gendr And Devlopment approach is focused primarily on gender role in society rather on women.


  • Gender And Developmnt (GAD) approach emphasizes only on social differences between men and women and neglecting bond between them.
  • Failed to explain how social relations undermine programs directed at women?
  • Theoretically different from Women In Development (WID) approach but in practice both behave the same.
  • GAD also failed to uncover the types of trade-off that women make for the sake of achieving ideal marriage and motherhood.
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