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The article discusses “Women In Development WID. Role of women’s in economic, political and social development of a nation. Women In Development WID. What Women In Development WID approach says? Women In Development WID approach. CSS Gender Studies.”

Women In Development – WID Approach

To bind worldwide governments and its agencies for taking into consideration women and their issues during planning and implementing development projects, Women in Development (WID) movement was launched by Liberal Feminists in early 1970’s. The objective of WID was to put an end to women’s exploitation in development projects and to integrate them in global economies to improve their status and position in society. 

Women In Development – WID

Women And Development – WAD

In early 1970’s a group Washington based female professionals from their personal experience of working abroad challenged theories of development by stating that development and modernization projects are affecting men and women lives differently. Instead of improving women’s status and position in society, development projects are deteriorating them.  

To integrate women in the national economy of other countries, women rights workers in United States of America struggle hard to add Percy Amendment to the United States Foreign Assistance Act in which they put women integration in national economies as an important condition for USAID. They succeeded in the passage of amendment in 1973.

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Alongside WID, liberal feminists’ struggle to secure more rights, equal employment opportunities and citizenship right for women in the United States also brought major changes in the social, political and economic spheres of women’s lives both nationally and internationally. Liberal feminists held stereotyped customary expectations as the basis of women’s all exploitation. According to them women disadvantages, in principle, can be eliminated only by breaking down these stereotypes.

Gender And Development – GAD

Another influential force during this time was the research work carried out by many feminists in West on women’s role particularly in the economic development of a country. One such widely appreciated work was the Boserup’s “Women Role in Economic Development” published in 1970. Boserup challenged the famous “welfare approach” assumption of that time by highlighting women’s importance to the agricultural economy.

Based on Boserup’s researchwork the advocates of Women in Development (WID) rejected the narrow concepts of women’s role as mothers and wives. Since then women are no longer considered as passive recipients of welfare but instead as active contributors in the economic development of a nation.

The impacts of WID can be seen on two fronts. On one side it led to discussion and research work on women’s role and on the other side in the integration of women in the economic development projects.

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