Women Universities As Agents Of Change CSS Essay

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Women Universities As Agents Of Change

In today’s world where women are subject to gender based violence and discrimination in different societies, women universities can prove as agents of change. They can change the prevailing system and ideology in the world and can bring positive changes both to women’s lives and society. Some of the major changes that women universities can bring in women’s lives and society are given below.

women universities as agents of change
Access to Higher Education

Women universities give an excellent opportunity to women of easy access to higher education. Due to limited number of women universities, women often have to take admission in men universities for higher education.  Because of large number of students these institutions offer admission only to a limited number of students thus left a greater number of women un-admitted who are willing to get higher education.

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Literary Work: Highlighting Women Issues

In today’s world there is a dire need of highlighting women issues because only by doing this we can bring a change both in women’s lives and the prevailing social setup. Women universities can provide a platform to feminists in any society through which they not only can propagate their ideologies but also can successfully highlight prevailing women issues in the society.

More Stable and Prosper Society

Another important change that women universities that can bring is economic independence of women in society. Women being illiterate and inept are not only dependent on men in society but these two reasons are also major causes of violence against women (VAW) and their discrimination in the society.

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By seeking skills women will not only become economically independent but this will also result in the equal distribution of wealth in society.  

In our society the major cause of high infant and maternal mortality rates is the illiteracy of women. By seeking higher education in universities, women will be more able to take due care during pregnancy, follow medical instructions and take necessary gap between child’s birth. In this way a decrease both in infant and maternal mortality rates can be achieved. 

Women Can Pull Up Women

Being educated and economically independent, women would not only be able to highlight downtrodden women issues but will also help them to get rid of them. Only a woman can better understand another woman’s problem and position and so only she can better help her than any other person in the world.

National Prosperity

Women education is also a promising factor for national prosperity. Women make at least half of the world population. If such a large portion of population remains illiterate and economically dependent, how can a nation prosper?

In the same way as we know that mother’s lap is called the first school of child and what he (she) learnt from mother at that becomes part of his (her) instinct. In such case if mother is educated and well trained, she will raise her child as a more responsible and worthy person otherwise she will not be able to do so.


In today’s world where social, political and economic prosperity can only be achieved if every member of the society participate either directly or indirectly. In such case women’s education becomes more important because educated women would be able to participate more effectively than un-educated.

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