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Multiple Choice Questions MCQs – (13,000 Plus)


This page contain connections to MCQs, that have been distributed on this ( site. The number of MCQs about various topics and curricular subjects ranges to Six Thousands (10,000) which are increasing day-by-day, as we are adding new MCQs regularly. We have attempted our most extreme endeavors to keep away from any kind of blunder and error yet at the same time on the off chance that you discover any, if it’s not too much trouble advise us by remarking it in the remark box of that page. A short introduction of MCQs that are available on Askedon about different topics is given below. Read it carefully as it will give you an idea about the type of MCQs that are available under every headings.

Computer Science MCQs:

computer mcqs

Contain all important MCQs about computer such as basics of computer, Important Short Keys of computer, MS Office, MS Word, Excel, Power Point and so on.

To visit the page please click here.


Current Affairs MCQs:

current affairs mcqs

This set of MCQs contain yearly current affairs multiple choice questions. We have collected and arranged current affairs Pakistan and world mcqs separately to help you keep in mind easily. Just click on the year you want to read mcqs of and mcqs will open in next window. We hope this will help you in CSS, PMS, PCS, FPSC, NTS, KPPSC, PPSC, SPSC, and BPSC tests and exams preparation.

To read our yearly Current Affairs Pakistan and World MCQs Please click here.


Economics MCQs:

economics mcqs

Contain about 1000 MCQs. These MCQs contain information about Economics basic concepts such as; Law of demand, Law of supply, Consumer equilibrium, Elasticity and so on. There are also 100 MCQs about Pakistan Economy.

To start reading the MCQs please click here.


Gender Studies MCQs:

There are only 200 plus MCQs available on the topic of Gender Studies MCQs. We are regularly working on increasing the number of MCQs about Gender Studies but still we hope that the available MCQs will give a great hand in your preparation for the exam.

To read the MCQs please visit here.


Gender Studies MCqs In Perspective Of Pakistan:

gender studies in pakistan

Providing in deep study materials is what Askedon team regularly working for. One of such examples is the preparation of Gender Studies MCQs in perspective of Pakistan. We hope that our readers will like our effort.

To Read the MCQs please click here.


General Knowledge MCQs

general knowledge mcqs book

Our objective is to collect minimum 3000 MCQs of general knowledge so that you do not need to search internet anymore. We have published some hundreds and continuously publishing more.

To read the MCQs please click here.


General Science MCQs:

science mcqs

So far we have collected 1100 MCQs of General/Everyday Science and we assure you that we will add more very soon. For now we hope that you will like our effort and it will help you a lot in your preparation for tests.

The MCQs are available here.


Islamic Study MCQs:

islamic study

Islamic Study is a very lengthy subject. To make it more comprehensible and easy for your understanding, we have divided MCQs of the subject into various portions on the basis of topics.

To visit the MCQs page please click this link.


MCQs About Muslim Scientists:

muslim scientists

One of the distinctive piece of work of the Askedon team is the preparation of a set of MCQs on the work and lives of Muslim Scientists. Questions are often asked about the lives and achievements of the Muslim scientists in tests.

The MCQs are available at here.


Muslim Law MCQs:

muslim law

The Muslim Law And Jurisprudence MCQs are collected for the aspirants of the competitive exams. They should read them along with Islamic Studies MCQs and we believe that it will help them a lot in attempting their papers of both Islamic Study and Muslim Law.

For MCQs visit this link.


Pak Study/Pakistan Affairs MCQs:

pak study mcqs

Pak Study MCQs are available on the internet in raw form. Askedon team compiled all these MCQs and collected some more from different sources and presented them in an organized form. On Askedon you will find those MCQs about Pakistan Affairs that you cannot find anywhere else. Examples of such MCQs includes; MCQs about Pakistan history, economy, mineral resources, constitution and lakes and so on. We hope you will like and appreciate our efforts. The total number of Pakistan Studies MCQs available on Askedon are 3,800. For MCQs please visit here.


Pakistan Economy MCQs:

mcqs pakistan economy

This set of MCQs contain important multiple choice questions about the economy of Pakistan. Most of the time questions are asked about economy and buget.

To read the MCQs please click here.


Political Science MCQs:

political science mcqs

Political Science MCQs will help you in preparation for your International Relations and history subjects. We have collected these MCQs from different sources. More MCQs on this subject will be added soon.

For MCQs visit here.


History Of USA MCQs:

There are about 600 plus MCQs are available about the History of USA. These MCQs have been collected from different books. More MCQs will be added soon.

For MCQs please click here.


Stay Tune:

More Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) about other important subjects will added very soon. For updates please keep visiting Askedon.