Islamic Studies MCQs For NTS CSS 400 Important MCQs

The post containsIslamic Studies MCQs for NTS, CSS, PMS, PTS. Islamic Studies MCQs. Islamiat/Islamyat Multiple Choice Questions. Islamic Studies MCQs. Hajj and its rituals MCQs. Holy Quran MCQs. Islamic history MCQs.

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Islamic Studies MCQs

Links to all those Islamic Studies MCQs that have been published from time to time on this blog are given below. These Multiple Choice Questions of Islamiat/Islamyat will help students and job seekers in their tests such as NTS, CSS, PMS, FPSC, PTS, OTS, BTS and BTS.

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Holy Quran MCQs

Holy Quran MCQs have been published into three parts. These Multiple Choice Questions of Holy Quran contains important information about Holy Quran revelation, compilation and composition. The two of its parts are given below.

The Holy Quran: Revelation, Composition And Compilation MCQs
The Holy Quran: Revelation, Composition And Compilation MCQs

Diacritical Marks in Quran MCQs

This section contain important questions about diacritical marks in Holy Quran. MCQs on this topic are available only on our blog.

Surahs in Quran MCQs

Surahs in Quran MCQs contain important information about Surah names and their attributes. These MCQs are available in two parts. The second part is below.

Surahs in Quran MCQs

Names Of Prophets in Quran MCQs

These multiple choice questions contain all important information about names of Prophets mentioned in Quran along with all other important religious personalities.

Surahs Name in Quran MCQs

These MCQs contain the attributed names of Surahs of Quran. We have collected all of them into one place.

Quran Commandments MCQs

These MCQs contain info about all commands of Holy Quran that have been given to Muslims Ummah from time to time.

Tafsir Quran MCQs

These MCQs contain the names of some important and famous Tafsirs and their writers names.

Worldly Things Mentioned in Quran MCQs

All those things that are from this world and have been mentioned in Holy Quran have been collected in multiple choice questions form in this section.

Names Of Angels in Quran MCQs

Contains names of some famous angels that have been mentioned in Holy Quran.

Meaning Of Quranic Terms

This section contains seome of the famous Quranic terms and their meanings. These terms are often asked in tests so we have collected and published them in one place.

Angels And Their Duties in Islam MCQs

The duties of some famous angels of Islam have been published in this section.

Hajj Info MCQs

This section contain some basic information about Hajj in multiple choice questions form.

Types Of Hajj MCQs

There are different types of Hajj. All important information about them have been collected and published here.

Rituals Of Hajj MCQs

In this section all the rituals and customs of Hajj have been discussed and recorded in MCQs form. There are two parts of it. The second part is below.

Hajj Rituals MCQs

Kaaba Info MCQs

This section contains all important information about Kaaba, its structure, design and construction.

Steps Of Hajj MCQs

In this section the steps of Hajj have been presented in MCQs form to help students in understanding them.

More Islamic Studies MCQs Will Be Added Soon

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