Surahs Names in Quran MCQs

In these Islamic Study MCQs we have collected and published Surahs names in Quran in MCQs form. These Multiple Choice Questions answer will help our readers to keep Surahs names in Quran easily.

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Surahs Names in Quran MCQs

1 Surah Ikhlas is also called as

Saloos ul Quran

2 The other name of Surah Al Rehman is

Aroos ul Quran

3 Which Surah is the gist of Quran?

Surah Tauheed

4 Which Surah is called Babul Quran?

Sura Fatiha

5 Which Surah is called the bride of Quran?

Surah Al Rahman

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6 Surah Al Baqara is also called as

Sinam ul Quran (The Zenith of Quran)

7 Surah Al Falak and Al Nas are called?


8 Surah Al Yaseen is called

Heart of the Quran

9 Which Surah is called the mother of Holy Quran?

Surah Al Hamd

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