Quran Commandments MCQs

These Islamic Studies MCQs contain information about Quran commandments in MCQs form. In this blog post Quran Commandments have been discussed in Multiple Choice Questions answer form to help readers keeping them in mind easily.

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Quran Commandments MCQs

1 The command of Hajj (pilgrimage) has been given in which Sura?

Sura Al Hajj (Plz check)

2 How many times the command of Salah has been given in the Holy Quran?

700 times

3 The command of Sadqah (charity) has been given how many times?

150 Times

4 Back Biter was condemned in which Surah?

Surah Al Humzah

5 Holy Quran has laid greatest emphasis on?

Salah (Namaz)

Tafsir Quran MCQs

6 Surah Fatiha is the only Surah with maximum number of?


7 Law about inheritance is given in which Surah?

Al Nisa

8 Regulations about prisoners of war have been discussed in Surah?

Al Nisa

9 Law about marriage has been given in which Surah?

Al Nisa

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