Criminology CSS MCQs Of Past Papers

Criminology CSS MCQs of Past Papers PDF Free download. CSS Criminology MCQs of past papers. Criminology and penology past papers MCQs.

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Criminology CSS MCQs Of Past Papers

1 A conduct that is resented by society and it by law breaches all social and moral norms of the society is called?


2 Criminology can also be defined as a social science that deals with?

Human behavior

3 Among many meanings of Criminology, the most common and accepted is

Scientific understanding of crime and criminals

4 Crime is basically

Socially constructed

5 Criminology is basically concerned with all those aspects of human behavior that are regarded as criminal because they are prohibited by

Criminal Law

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6 The study of criminology helps us in understanding and underlining the determinants of crime as well as steps necessary in

Controlling crime

7 According to seventeenth and eighteenth century understanding of the discipline, crime was an omnipresent temptation to which all human kind was?


8 The Enlightenment writers in their writings emphasized on reason and experience rather than?

Theological form of reasoning

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9 One of the distinctive features of Enlightenment thinking about crime is?

Scientific style of reasoning

10 Psychoanalysis criminology is the basis of?

Sigmund Freud analysis of crime

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