Criminology MCQs With Answers

Criminology MCQs With Answers. CSS Criminology MCQs With Answers. Criminology Solved MCQs With Answers.

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Criminology MCQs With Answers

1 Conversely, the superego is the component of the mind that represents morality and?


2 Criminologically all forms of irrational behavior including crime occurs when ID or superego overpowers?

The mediating force of the ego

3 The sociological terminology “functionalism” was coined by?

Robert K. Merton and Talcott Parsons

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4 Functionalism believes that crime is both functional and?


5 A crime is said to be functional when society has normal characteristics and proper action of a?

Social Organization

6 Name criminologist whose crime analysis is based on inter-actionalism criminology?

Erving Goffman

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7 Classical criminological perspective is also known as

Choice perspective

8 Psychological perspective of criminology is also known as

Biological perspective

9 Penology deals with the study of correction and control of

Criminal behavior

10 Victimology is the study of nature and cause of


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