Criminology Important MCQs

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Criminology important MCQs for CSS, PMS and other competitive exams. Important MCQs of Criminology for CSS, PMS. Solved MCQs.

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Criminology Important MCQs

1 In curbing those actions that most people considered as immoral, criminologists helps in determining the proper role of


2 “Patterns in Homicide” is the landmark analysis of

Marvin Wolfgang

3 “Patterns in Homicide” was published in


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4 “Patterns in Homicide” analyzes homicide and relationship between

Victim and offender

5 What is meant by White Collar Crimes?

Economic crime activities

6 Who has coined the phrase White Collar Crimes?

Edwin Sutherland

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7 Research on links between different crimes and criminals is called?

Crime Typology

8 A behavior that is repugnant to all elements of society is known as


9 Which theory defines crime as a phenomenon that is controlled by those who possess wealth, power and position?

Conflict Theory

10 According to consensus view, law defines


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