FPSC Computer Science MCQs

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FPSC Computer Science MCQs

1 While assigning a shortcut key to a symbol we should assign those keys or combination of keys that are


2 While writing which feature convert straight quotes to smart quotes?

Auto Format

3 In MS Word, which feature detect spelling and grammar errors?

Auto Correct

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4 In which version of MS Word when we click on menu button Backstage view opens?


5 Why the document created at home when opened at school appears in different font?

Specified version is not installed at school’s computer

6 What is short key for making selected text bold?

Ctrl + B

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7 In MS Word, where is automatic saving option available?

Save tab on Option dialog box

8 To move the cursor page to page of document short keys are

Ctrl + Pg Up, Ctrl + PgDn

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9 In MS Word short key for jumping to next column is

Alt + Down-arrow

10 In MS Word short key for breaking a page is

Ctrl + Enter

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