Everyday Science MCQs Part IX

Everyday Science MCQs Part IX. Everyday Science MCQs Part IX.

Everyday Science MCQs Part IX

1 The bacterium that causes tuberculosis was discovered by


2 Ring worm affects

Epidermal tissues of the body

3 Anaemia is a shortage of

Haemoglobin in the blood

4 When White light is passed through a glass prism, the colour that is most refracted is


5 A small depression in the centre of the retina is called


6 The ability of living things to respond to changes in their environment is called


7 Two sources of waves are coherent if

Both produces waves same wavelength having constant phase difference

8 Energy is measured in the same units as


9 Any self-sustaining molecular or nuclear reaction is called

Chain reaction

10 In Pasteurization, most germs in milk are killed by

Instant heating and cooling of the milk

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