Gender Studies Solved MCQs

Gender Studies solved MCQs for CSS, PMS and PCS preparation. Gender Studies solved MCQs of past papers free download PDF.

Gender Studies Solved MCQs

1 There is a common view among public that in society men and women have

Hierarchical positions

2 On the basis of sexual division men and women are called

Male and Female

CSS Gender Studies MCQs 600

3 According to feminists language is also


4 What does the term status quo mean?

Existing state of affairs

5 When Third Wave Feminism emerged?


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6 When UN hold its First Conference On Women?


7 CEDAW stands for

Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women

8 What is BWOA?

Black Women Organized for Action

9 Where UN hold first conference?


10 CSW stands for?

Commission on the Status of Women

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