Criminology Test Questions And Answers

Criminology test questions and answers. Criminology test important questions and answers for preparation. Criminology past test question and answer.

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Criminology Test Questions And Answers

1 Statutory crimes are also known as

Mala Prohibitum

2 What Battery means in Criminology?

Unlawful touching of another person with intention of causing harm

3 What is meant by Actus Reus?

Guilty Act

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4 Mens rea in Criminology means

Criminal intent

5 Those crimes that include the violation of state laws without criminal intentions are known as

Strict Liabilities Crimes

6 Criminal Laws are static. This statement is True or False?


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7 The three perspectives that criminologists keep in mind while defining a crime, includes

Consensus View, Conflict View and Interactionist View

8 The criminal law is a set of rules that specify the behaviors society has


9 Most crimes have two elements, that are Actus Reus and

Mens Rea

10 Criminal Law is constantly in the process of


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