Largest And Smallest in Pakistan MCQs

Largest and smallest in Pakistan MCQs. Largest district, longest road, biggest city, longest canal, bridge in Pakistan. MCQs about Pakistan’s largest and smallest.

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Largest And Smallest in Pakistan MCQs

largest and smallest in pakistan mcqs

1 Which is Pakistan’s largest district?


2 Which is the largest district of Pakistan on the basis of population?


3 Which is the longest road of Pakistan?

N-5 Highway

4 Which is the biggest city in Pakstan?


5 What is the highest elevation in Pakstan?


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6 Which is the largest Sufi Shrine in Pakistan and South Asia?

Data Darbar

7 Which dam was first built in Pakistan?

Mangla Dam

8 Which is the longest river of Pakistan?

Indus River

9 Which is the largest lake of Pakistan?

Manchhar Lake

10 Which is the lowest point of Pakistan?

Arabian Sea

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