World Companies MCQs

World Companies MCQs. International business multiple choice questions. World Biggest, Largest And Well-Known Companies MCQs. Multiple choice questions on multinational corporations. World Companies MCQs.

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World Companies MCQs – Biggest, Largest And Well-Known

1 What is the biggest company in the world 2018?


2 What is the most well-known brand in the world?


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3 Which is the largest beverage company in the world?

Coca Cola

4 Where was Coca Cola initially manufactured in the world?


5 When was google created?


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6 What was the initial name of google?


7 Which company holds world’s largest gas reserves?


8 What is the oldest news agency in the world?

Agence France-Presse (AFP)

9 Who is the owner of Reuters?

Thomson Reuters Corporation

10 Which country own Reuters?


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