Gender Studies MCQs And Notes For CSS PMS

Gender Studies CSS and PMS paper contains multiple choice questions (MCQs) of twenty marks. To get good marks in the paper it is necessary to correctly tick as many MCQs as possible. To help CSS, PMS aspirants in this regard we have published more than 800 MCQs of the subject.

This page contain links to all Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) that have been published on this blog from time to time. We have divided these MCQs into different small parts to help you understand easily.

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We hope that these multiple choice questions will help you in your preparation for the CSS, PMS, PCS and other competitive exams and tests in the discipline.

Please remember that we have collected these multiple choice questions from different books and social media channels. Some of the objectives questions are those that have been previously asked in Civil Superior Services (CSS) and Provincial Management Services (PMS) examinations.

One part of the multiple choice questions contain important information about Pakistan on the basis of gender based violence, discrimination and inequality.

We also have MCQs of other disciplines as well such Pakistan Studies (3,800), Islamic Studies (1200 plus), General Knowledge (3200 plus), General Science (1800 plus) and so on. To read them please visit Multiple Choice Questions page in the main menu.

Gender Studies MCQs And Notes For CSS PMS

The MCQs available below are listed chapter wise. To read a particular chapter of the Multiple Choice Questions please click on the heading of that chapter. MCQs of that chapter will open in new tab automatically.

Gender Studies Notes CSS

We have Gender Studies notes, published topic wise for CSS and PMS preparation. To read our notes please click the above title.

Gender Studies MCQs For CSS

For the preparation of Multiple Choice Questions please visit our page that contains more than 800 MCQs on the topic. To read them please click on the above title. For MCQs online test visit Gender Studies CSS MCQs Test Online

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