Gender Studies MCQs Part VI

Gender Studies MCQs Part VI. Gender Studies MCQs Part VI.

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Gender Studies MCQs Part VI

1 People who accept the goals and institutionalized means, set by their society for them are called __________.


2  _________ are those who ________ goals set by the society but ________ the usual ways of achieving them.

Innovators, Accept, Reject

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3 Ritualists ________ cultural goals but still ________ the institutionalized means of achieving them.

Rejects, Accepts

4 Retreatists _______ cultural goals as well as the __________ means of achieving them.

Reject, Institutionalized

5 Rebels not only reject culturally approved goals and the means of achieving them but they ______ them with __________.

Replace, Their Own Goals

Gender Studies MCQs Part VII

6 WID stands for ____________.

Women In Development

7 The term Women In Development was first coined in ___________ by a ________ network of female development professionals.

The early of 1970s, Washington-based

8 WID is associated with the wide range of _______ concerning _______ in the _________ domain.

Activities, Women, Development

9 According to WID, modernization instead of ________ appeared to be contributing to the _______ of their position.

Improving women’s status and rights, Deterioration

10 One of the important demand of the Feminist under WID in United States was ____________ opportunities for women.

Equal Employment

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