Gender Studies MCQs Part VI

11 WID advocates were also highlighting women’s role in ____________. For this purpose they were presenting ________ economist, ________ work, who had highlighted women’s role in the _____________ economy.

Economic development, Danish, Ester Boserup, Sub-Saharan agricultural

12 WAD stands for _____________.

Women And Development

13 WAD focuses mainly on _________ and ___________.

Patriarchy, Capitalism

14 GAD stands for __________.

Gender And Development

15 GAD focuses on __________ basis of differences between men and women.

Socially constructed

16 SAPs stands for _____________.

Structural Adjustment Programmes

17 World Bank for the first time gave Pakistan assistance of $ 25 million in __________.


18 CEDAW stands for ______________.

Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women

19 The word ‘‘Suffragette’’ was first used in an article in a British newspaper in ___________.


20 The very initial purpose of the women’s suffrage movement was the gaining of the ___________.

Right of vote

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