Computer Science MCQs For FPSC

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Computer Science MCQs For FPSC

1 The father modern computer is

Charles Babbage

2 Who laid the foundation of computer science?

Allen Turing

3 Who invented computer?

Charles Babbage

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4 What is the function of computer?

Perform arithmetic and logical operations

5 What are the two basic types of computer devices?

Input and output devices

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6 What happen when we press F8 key three times in MS Word?

A sentence is selected

7 In MS Word, Ctrl + =


8 To superscript the selected text in MS Word, short key is

Ctrl + Shift

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9 In MS Word Ctrl + F9 is used for

Inserting code braces

10 To split a table, shortcut key is

Ctrl + Shift + Enter

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