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1 In MS Word a drop cap can be set in how many positions?

Two (2)

2 In MS Word, a document can be saved in how many ways?

Three (3)

3 A single spacing in MS Word causes how many point line spacing?

Twelve (12)

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4 The maximum number of lines that can be set for lines to drop box are

Ten (10)

5 The default number of lines to drop for drop cap are

Three (3)

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6 In MS Word document the maximum number of columns that can be insert are

Forty Five (45)

7In an MS Word Table the maximum numbers of columns that can be inserted are

Sixty Three (63)

8 In MS Word the maximum font size is


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9 The default file extension for every Word document is


10 What type of file indicates that the file is a Word document?


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