Inventions And Discoveries Quiz

Inventions And Discoveries Quiz. scientific discoveries multiple choice questions and answers. inventions and discoveries quiz questions answers. Inventions And Discoveries Quiz questions and answers for competitive exams and tests preparation.

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Inventions And Discoveries Quiz

1 Who is credited with the big bang theory?

Georges Lemaître

2 Who coined the term Big Bang Theory?

Fred Hoyle

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3 When was penicillin discovered and by who?

1928, Alexander Fleming

4 Who first discovered DNA structure?

James Watson and Francis Crick

5 Who created the periodic table?

Dmitri Mendeleev

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6 Who discovered X rays?

Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen

7 When was the first X ray discovered?

November 8, 1895

8 Who was the first person to be X rayed?

Roentgen’s wife

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9 Who discovered radiation?

Henri Becquerel

10 Who is considered the father of quantum theory?

Niels Bohr and Max Planck

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