Science Discovery Questions

Science discovery questions. Most important science discovery mcqs questions and answers. Science discoveries multiple choice questions and answers.

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Science Discovery Questions

1 Who first discovered the Electron?

J. J. Thomson

2 Who first discovered the Proton?


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3 Who first discovered the Neutron?

James Chadwick

4 Which scientist is usually given credit for the discovery of the electron?

Joseph John Thomson

5 Who gave atomic theory?

John Dalton

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6 What was Albert Einstein known for?

Theory of Relativity

7 What was Albert Einstein famous mass energy equation?

E = MC2

8 Who is the father of the electricity?

William Gilbert and Michale Faraday

9 Who is the first to discover electricity?

William Gilbert and Michale Faraday

10 Who discovered microorganism?

Antoni van Leeuwenhoek

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