Steps Of Hajj MCQs 10 Important MCQs

Steps Of Hajj MCQs. Steps Of Hajj MCQs.

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Steps Of Hajj MCQs

1 Zilhajj is?

12th Month of Islamic calendar

2 Masjid-e- Nimra is located?


3 The day Hujjaj goes to Mina is also called as?

Yumul Taraveeh

4 The first day of Hajj is?

8th Zilhaj

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5 The second day of Hajj is

9th Zilhajj

6 The third day of Hajj is?

10th Zilhajj

7 Holy prophet (PBUH) delivered His farewell sermon at?


8 What does Al Multazim means?

Place of holding

9 Al Multazim is?

The place between Kaaba and Hijr-e-Aswad

10 Where is Muzdalifa?

Located between Arafat and Mina

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