Quran Facts MCQs Part III

In this chapter of Islamic Studies MCQs all important and general Quran facts have been discussed and highlighted in MCQs form. These Multiple Choice Questions answer will help aspirants to better understand general Quran Facts. This is part three of the series of MCQs about Quran, its revelation, compilation and composition.

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Quran Facts MCQs Part III

1 Aayat means

Sign or Clue

2 Which Sura is called the preface of Holy Quran?


3 The first Hafiz (memorizer) of Quran was

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

4 Who was the first writer of Wahy (revelation)?

Zaid Ibn Thabit (R.A)

5 The word Quran itself, how many times has appeared in Holy Quran, in different forms

Seventy (70) Times

Diacritical Points in Quran MCQs

6 With how many different names Allah has mentioned the Holy Quran in Quran?

Five (5) Names

7 The other names of Holy Quran, that Quran itself has mentioned are

Al-Furqan, Al-Zikar, Al-Kitab, Al-Noor, Al-Huda

8 In Holy Quran, the word Allah has been repeated

2698 times

9 At the time of demise of Holy Prophet (PBUH) there were how many Huffaz (memorizers) of Holy Quran?

Twenty Two (22)

10 The Three forms of revelations granted to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?

Wahi, Kashf, Dream

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