MCQs Of History Of USA – Part II

MCQs Of History Of USA – Part II. MCQs Of History Of USA – Part II. MCQs Of History Of USA – Part II.

MCQs Of History Of USA – Part II

1-Article One is the _________ article and cannot be __________.

Longest, Amended

2-Constitution of USA consists of a __________ and _________ articles.

Preamble, Seven

3-By Rigid means that US Constitution cannot be ___________ by the Congress by the ordinary procedure.


4-The amendment procedure of the US Constitution is a _________ step process.


5-For proposal of the amendment it is necessary that either ____________ of both the houses shall propose amendment to constitution or on the application of legislatures of __________ states shall call a convention for proposing amendment.

Two-Third (67%), Two-Third (67%)

6-Only __________ and ____________ can propose amendment to constitution.

Congress, States

7-For ratification it is necessary that the amendment shall either be ratified by the legislatures of ____________ of all states or by the convention of ___________ of states.

Three-Fourth (75%), Three-Fourth (75%)

8-The American constitution establishes the ________ sovereignty of the people which means that in US the _________ rule.

Popular, People

9-In United States ____________ is the parliament which consists of _______ houses.

Congress, Two

10-The two houses of Congress are _____________ and _________________.

Lower House, Upper House

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