MCQs Of History Of USA – Part II

81-Thomas Jefferson was born on ___________ in __________.

13th April 1743, Virginia

82-Thomas Jefferson became the Unites States first Secretary of State in _______.


83-Thomas Jefferson held the office of Secretary of State from _________ to _______.

1789, 1793

84-Before becoming the Secretary of State, Thomas Jefferson served the office of _________ to France.

US Minister

85-Thomas Jefferson became the second vice president of USA in __________.


86-Thomas Jefferson became the third president of USA in _____________.


87-Thomas Jefferson founded the University of ___________.


88-Thomas Jefferson was died at the age of 83 on _________.

July 4, 1826

89-Thomas Jefferson was the author of ____________.

Declaration Of Independence

90-USA purchased the territory of Louisiana on __________ for a price of _________ dollars.

30th April 1803, 1.5 million

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