Worldly Things in Quran MCQs

These MCQs contain names and detail of all those worldly things that have been mentioned in Holy Quran. We also have published Quran Words Meaning in Multiple Choice Questionas answer form that we hope you might like.

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Worldly Things in Quran MCQs

1 Precious stone mentioned in the Holy Quran is?

Ruby (Yakut)

2 Surahs named after animals are?

Four (4)

3 The biggest animal mentioned in Quran is?


4 The smallest animal mentioned in the Holy Quran is?


5 A copy of Quran was placed on Moon by?

Apollo 15 Mission

Names Of Angles in Quran MCQs

6 Which ancient city is mentioned in Holy Quran?

City of Rome

7 What are the other two names mentioned in the Holy Quran regarding the city of Makkah (Mecca)?

Bakkah, Baladul Ameen

8 The other name of Madinah mentioned in Holy Quran is


9 The words Dunia and Akhira have been mentioned how many times?

115 Times

10 The Holy Quran mentioned how many times the word Day?

365 times

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