Names Of Angels in Quran MCQs

These MCQs contain contain names of Angels in Quran in Multiple Choice Questions Answer form. In one of our other posts we have also discussed Angels And Their Duties in MCQs form.

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Names Of Angels in Quran MCQs

1 How many times Iblees’ refusal of prostration is mentioned in the Holy Quran?

Nine (9) Times

2 Iblees means

Disappointed one

Angels And Their Duties MCQs

3 In Quran Jibrael Ameen is also mention with the name of?

Rooh ul ameen

4 Jibrael has been mentioned how many time Quran?

Three (3) Times

5 On the day of Judgement, Iblees will be punished with?

Coldness Not Fire

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6 Angel Malik (AS) is the gatekeeper of?


7 Angel Rizwan is the gatekeeper of


8 How many Angels names have been mentioned in the Holy Quran?

Five (5)

9 The Five Angels mentioned in the Holy Quran are?

Jibrael (AS), Meekael (AS), Haroot (AS), Maroot (AS), Maalik (AS) 

10 Angel Jibrael (AS) has also been called as

Rooh ul Qudoos

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