Surahs in Quran MCQs Part I

In these Islamic Studies MCQs, Surahs in Quran and their names and attributes have been discussed in Multiple Choice Questions answer form. These MCQs will help readers to keep detail about Surahs in Quran easily in their mind.

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Surahs in Quran MCQs Part I

1 The first revealed Sura is


2 The word Alaq means

Leech or Medicinal Leech or Blood Cloat or Coagulated Blood

3 Sura Al-Alaq is also sometimes called as

Sura Iqra

4 The second revealed Sura is


5 The third revealed Sura is


Surahs in Quran MCQs Part II

6 Which Sura in the Holy Quran does not start with Bismillah?


7 Which Sura has two times Bismillah?


8 Ghar-e-Sur (Cave Sur) is mentioned in Sura


9 The word Islam has been mentioned in the Holy Quran

Six (6) Times

10 How many Suras are there in the last Para’?

Thirty Seven (37) Suras

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