Types Of Hajj MCQs

Types Of Hajj MCQs. Types Of Hajj MCQs.

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Types Of Hajj MCQs

1 There are how many types of Hajj?


2 What are the three types of Hajj?

Ifrad, Qiran and Tamattu

3 What is Hajj Ifrad?

When Hajj is performed without Umrah

4 Who can perform Hajj Ifrad?

The residents of Makkah

5 What is Hajj Qiran?

When Umrah is performed before Hajj

Rituals Of Hajj MCQs Part I

6 What is Hajj Tamattu?

When Umrah is performed before Hajj

7 What is the difference between Hajj Qiran and Tamattu?

In Hajj Tamattu, Haji can put off Ihram till 8th Zilhajj after performing Umrah but not in Hajj Qiran

8 What is called Hajj-e-Asghar? 


9 What is called Hajj-e-Akbar?

10th Zilhajj

10 What is Hajj Mabroor?

Accepted Hajj

11 How to perform Mabroor Hajj?

Giving food to others, spread greetings, sincerity

12 What is Hajj Maqbool?

13 Umrah Tamattu can be performed?

Only before performing Hajj

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