Islands Questions And Answers

Islands questions and answers. Questions about islands. Multiple Choice question and answers about islands. Islands questions and answers. GK questions and answers on the islands of the world. World largest island questions and answer MCQs Quiz for NTS CSS and other competitive exams.

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Islands Questions And Answers

1 Which Country Has the Most Islands?

Sweden (worldatlas)

2 How many islands Sweden has?

221,800 (worldatlas)

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3 Which country has the maximum number of islands?


4 What country has over 7000 islands?


5 How many islands Indonesia has?

17,508 (worldatlas)

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6 Which is the largest island in the world?

Greenland (worldatlas)

7 Which is the largest island country in the world?


8 Which is the highest island in the world?

New Guinea

9 Which is the largest volcanic island in the world?

Sumatra (Indonesia)

10 Which is the largest lake island in the world?

Manitoulin, Lake Huron

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