CSS Current Affairs Paper 2021

CSS Current Affairs Paper 2021. Current Affairs CSS Past Paper 2021. Current Affairs CSS Paper 2021. Current Affairs Paper 2021.

CSS Current Affairs Paper 2021

Q. No. 2. What will be the strategic and political implications of the US withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty, and how is it impacting the arms control arrangements between the great powers? (20)

Q. No. 3. What are the similarities and differences between Nagorno-Kaharabakh and Kashmir conflicts? (20)

Q. No. 4. Last two decades have seen the rise of the right as a potent challenge to the liberal democracies throughout the world. What are the causes of this rise and how can states attend to this challenge? (20)

Q. No. 5. Most of the major political parties have committed to the creation of the new provinces in Pakistan. Should new provinces be created or not, in Pakistan? Elaborate your answer by giving references from the new provinces debate. (20)

Q. No. 6. Some scholars term Afghan Peace Deal as the US Withdrawal Deal. Do you agree? Answer the question while discussing the contours of the Afghan peace process. (20)

Q. No. 7. How is militarization of Artificial Intelligence and Computing revolutionizing the military affairs? (20)

Q. No. 8. Delineate the ways in which Covid-19 has affected the contours of the contemporary world order. (20)

CSS Current Affairs Paper 2020

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